Mql4 sort array

Now I would sort a single array and then I would that other 2 arrays will remain linked to the sorted array. How can i do this in mql4? If someone could do an example in mql4 like I did with simple text in my post, I will really appreciate it. I read but I did not understand anything that's why I asked if it was possible a concrete example with the data that I put in the first post.

In any case, thanks for the link. You posted a mqh file with some functions that I don't understand, sorry. I posted a link that showed you that "it was possible" and it has a "concrete example. Sort multiple arrays. To add comments, please log in or register. Fabrizio Failla Sorry for english, it's not my language.

I hope it's enough clear. Thanks for your help! Thanks eevviill, can you insert some comments to explain what you did? I need to sort also string arrays so I can't use always ArraySort function.

William Roeder You would know this had you bothered to read the link provided. Array question?

Sort multiple arrays

Need an advice modify order error Not compiled, not tested. Option B. Problem with calling member Help with Indicator Envelopes Storing a value and.If i need to sort out a struct like based on Symbolname? This allows working both with multidimensional dynamic arrays of primitive data types and with data structures that have more complex organization of data.

I would like to learn to use standard library as much as i can, anyone could please help me with this example? I'm learning to programm through example basically. I can't understand OOP in general with all this pointer stuff. Difficult part now is to understand why it works. Array of Struct Sort using standard LIbrary. To add comments, please log in or register. Hello, is there a way to sort a struct based on an element inside it? I'm pretty new to programming and i can't understand everything, but i readed that CArrayObj of MQL 5 Reference " Class CArrayObj provides the ability to work with a dynamic array of pointers to instances of CObject and its derived classes.

Discussion of article "How to create a graphical panel of any complexity level" Type method of CObject derivatives in Standard library, always return 0 when casting to CObject. How to create a list or dynamic array of structures in MQL5?

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William Roeder The library requires pointers to objects derived from CObject with virtual method Compare overridden. You can not use an array, must use cArray. Struct ures can be derived from struc tures only and do not have virtual functions.

Sort multiple arrays

If you use a classthen write your compare function and use cArray you are good to go. Not possible.Arrays are allowed to be maximum four-dimensional. In a particular case of a one-dimensional array of 50 elements, calling of the first element will appear as array[0], of the last one - as array[49].

Returns index of the first found element in the first array dimension. Returns the result of comparing two arrays of simple types or custom structures without complex objects. Frees up buffer of any dynamic array and sets the size of the zero dimension in 0. Sets all elements of a numeric array into a single value.

Prints an array of a simple type or a simple structure into journal. Returns the number of elements in the specified dimension of the array. Sets the new size in the first dimension of the array. Inserts the specified number of elements from a source array to a receiving one starting from a specified index. Removes the specified number of elements from the array starting with a specified index.

Reverses the specified number of elements in the array starting with a specified index. Sorting of numeric arrays by the first dimension.

Swaps the contents of two dynamic arrays of the same type. Group of Functions for Working with Arrays Arrays are allowed to be maximum four-dimensional. Function Action ArrayBsearch Returns index of the first found element in the first array dimension ArrayCopy Copies one array into another ArrayCompare Returns the result of comparing two arrays of simple types or custom structures without complex objects ArrayFree Frees up buffer of any dynamic array and sets the size of the zero dimension in 0.

Copies one array into another. Checks direction of array indexing. Fills an array with the specified value. Checks whether an array is a timeseries. Checks whether an array is dynamic. Search for an element with the maximal value. Search for an element with the minimal value. Sets the direction of array indexing.Can MT4 sort a data array from largest to smallest?

Sort String Array by String Length 2 replies. Calculate Stochastic Formula on a array non indicator buffer array 2 replies. Similar Threads Can MT4 sort a data array from largest to smallest? Attachments: How to sort an array? Exit Attachments.

Mql4 Programming tutorial 09 Arrays, Open, close, high and low, of candles

How to sort an array? First Post : May 18, am May 18, am. Joined Sep Status: Member Posts. May 18, pm May 18, pm. May 19, am May 19, am. Quoting CodeMeister. Joined Jan Status: Member 1, Posts. Quoting lucklogic. Why don't you just use a 2 dimension array with the relevant RSI data in the first dimension and the pair data in the second and then use the ArraySort?? If you think I'm mad, I must be mad.

Quoting cyber1. Quoting futurespec. Think it is more likely to be [21][1]. Edited at am May 20, am Edited at am. Too early for me to get my head around this! BUT 1 way Sorry but cannot think about arrays at moment May 21, am May 21, am.

Joined Nov Status: Member 3, Posts. I could not get either method to work on the pairs that I was interested in, from my first posting. However I have attached a fully working indicator that does indeed successfully mix string pairs and double ranking system TMA Slope It would still be nice to apply this to the first posting but I cannot see the way when the pairs are generated via that method, this implies that the pair pre-processing is the key part.

Attached File. TMASlope display 4hrs.

mql4 sort array

Joined Mar Status: Member Posts. As far as I understand, ArraySort only works on the first dimension, so that [1. Quoting hayseed. Quoting iwjw. I could try and recode my first post into the fashion of the indicator that works but that's a job that's likely to be beyond my understanding of the code and the way it works.

Forex Robot-v6. Edited at am May 23, am Edited at am. Edited at am May 24, am Edited at am.Array is an arranged set of values of one-type variables that have a common name. Arrays can be one-dimensional and multidimensional. The maximum admissible amount of dimensions in an array is four.

Group of Functions for Working with Arrays

Arrays of any data types are allowed. Array element is a part of an array; it is an indexed variable having the same name and some value. Graphical presentation of arrays of integer type: a one-dimensional; b two-dimensional; c three-dimensional. Array element index is one or several integer values indicated in the form of a constant, variable or expression enumerated comma-separated in square brackets.

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Array element index uniquely defines place of an element in an array. Array element index is indicated after a variable identifier array name and is an integral part of an array element.

In MQL4 indexing starting form zero is used. The closest everyday analogue of a two-dimensional array is a cinema hall. The row number is the first index value, the number of place in a raw is the value of the second index, viewers are array elements, viewer's surname is the value of an array element, cinema ticket specifying row and place is a method to access the value of an array element.

Before using an array in a program, it must be declared.

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An array can be declared like a variable on the global and local level. Accordingly, values of global array elements are available to the whole program, values of a local one - only to the function, in which it is declared. An array cannot be declared on the level of a client terminal, that is why global variables of client terminal cannot be gathered into an array. Array elements values can be of any type.

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Values of all array elements are of the same type, namely of the type indicated at array declaration. When declaring an array, data type, array name and number of elements of each dimension must be specified:. Access to array elements is implemented elementwise, i. Type of array component value is not specified in the program.

Array component value can be assigned or changed using the assignment operator:. For example, for the array Mas[10][15] the element with the smallest indexes value is the element Mas[0,0], the one with maximal indexes values is the element Mas[9,14]. Operations with arrays can also be conducted using standard functions. Some of these functions are analyzed further. An array can be initialized only by constants of a corresponding type.

One-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays are initialized by one-dimensional sequence of constants separated by commas.

The sequence is included into curly brackets:. In the initialized sequence one or several constants can be omitted. In such a case corresponding array elements of numeric type are initialized by zero, elements of arrays of string type are initialized by string value "" quotation marks without a spacei.

The next program displays values of arrays, initialized by a sequence with omission of some values script arrayalert. If the size of a one-dimension initialized array is not specified, it is defined by a compiler based on the initialized sequence.

An array can be also initialized by the standard function ArrayInitialize. All arrays are static, i. It means all arrays preserve their values between calls of the function, in which the array is declared see Types of Variables. All arrays used in MQL4 can be divided into two groups: user-defined arrays created by a programmer's initiative and arrays-timeseries arrays with predefined names and data types. Defining sizes of user-defined arrays and values of their elements depends on how a program is created and, ultimately, on a programmer's will.It is very important to keep in mind that the sequence of any single-type elements is always numbered starting from zero in MQL4.

It was mentioned before that you shouldn't confuse the value of the array element index with the number of elements in the array see Arrays. For example, if the array is declared:. Indexing of the elements start with zero, i.

In such a way, the maximum index value is less than the number of the elements in array by one. In this case, the array is one-dimensional, i. The same thing can be said about the numeration of the dimensions in the array. For example, if an array is declared the following way:. The first dimension specifies the number of rows 3 in this exampleand the second one specifies the number of elements in the row or the number of columns, 8 in this example.

The dimension itself is numerated too. The first dimension has the 0 number, and the second one - the 1 number. The numbers of dimensions are used in the ArrayRange function, for example. In this case, the problem resolves itself to rewriting the values of the first matrix to the second one according to the rules of matrix transposition, namely rewrite the elements values of the first matrix columns to the rows of the desired matrix.

The solution of matrix transposition problem is represented in the matrix. Two arrays are opened in the start function of the expert. The rewriting of the values itself is performed in the following entry:. In order to calculate the runtime environment the number of iterations of two embedded cycle operators, you should know the values of the elements of each array.

In this example the constant values 3 and 5 could be used. However, this way of program designing is incorrect. In general, a program can contain a huge code wherein the calling to the same values is performed in many parts of it.

A program must be designed so that the modifications could be made in one place, if necessary, and in all the other necessary parts they would be calculated. In this case, only the entries that open and initialize the arrays should be modified if it is necessary to change the size of the arrays, so there is no need to modify the code in the other parts.

Note that the 0 value is used for the first dimension and the 1 value is used for the second one. The calculated values of the R0 and R1 variables are used to determine the number of iterations in the "for" cycles. Result of matrix. To get the detailed information about these and other functions, please refer to the Documentation at MQL4. The use of ArrayRange function can be demonstrated with the solution of the following problem: Problem Use arbitrary values of the elements.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. In other words, the arr[2] in the original array is now the smallest element in the sorted array in position 0. Create an array of indexes, fill it with numbers N-1, and sort it using a custom comparator. The comparator should compare items from the original array at indexes lhs and rhs.

qsort: sorting array of strings, integers and structs

Sorting the array of indexes this way reorders them as a permutation:. Why not put some satellite data? Instead of sorting the numbers, just sort pairs of numbers and their indices.

Since the sorting is first done on the first element of the pair, this shouldn't disrupt a stable sorting algorithm. Also, since knowing the permutation index would lead to a O n sorting algorithm, so you cannot do it faster than O nlogn. So V[i]. So to print the index in the sorted array. Note that while sorting an array or vector of pair items, array is first sorted based on the first values.

mql4 sort array

If two pair have same first value then they are sorted based on their second value. If a coupling between the sorted values and the index would be need, then the multimap can be directly returned, rather than writing the indexes to the output iterator. I recently had to solve a similar problem in PHP.

I think we can solve this problem without using vector. I'm newbie, to be honest, i don't understand what you wrote above, and all of you used vector which i will study later : i'm lazy Here's my way :. Yes, there is one with O NlogN time. Since the sorting takes O NlogN time anyway, this will not affect overall time complexity. Learn more.

mql4 sort array

How to obtain the index permutation after the sorting Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 11k times. Is there an efficient way so that we can get the permutation index?

Thank you. I knew someone will ask this question and this is not a homework. Active Oldest Votes. This technique can even be beneficial if you don't need the permutation index. MSalters: Might this also hold true if a container holds large objects by value? Sorting would cause large move operations; but a sort permutation could avoid. Your solution doesn't work for me.

Any idea of how to fix it? You should be able to solve the issue by upgrading to the next version of Xcode.